The Main Characters

Mpuka Balesh, descendant of King Cro, became the young Prince of the Casyrole when his father was killed by humans centuries later.

The Golden Hair Casyrole, only daughter of Narra and Megallon, who were both killed by an evil witch, was raised by wolves. Although loved by her mother wolf, the Golden Hair Casyrole was forbidden to have a name. Facing shame and banishment from the wolfdom – the only home she ever knew – she escapes and eventually finds her true home among the Casyrole. She becomes the wife of Mpuka Balesh.

Mpuka Balesh and the Golden Hair Casyrole bore a son named Roanoke, an intrepid and adventurous young Casyrole who was to be the heir to the throne. Even in his youth, Roanoke earns the awe and admiration of his father, when he demonstrates that a true king must exhibit mercy, even to his fallen enemy.

Kyle David is an eleven year old Jewish boy who also immigrated to America around the same time as the Casyrole, stowing away in the lower decks of ships from Europe. There are chance encounters between Kyle David and Roanoke, in which they share ideas and insights into their own personal experiences of “persecution.” It is Kyle David who learns that friendship transcends all boundaries.
Mpuka Balesh
Prince of the Casyrole.
The Golden hair Casyrole
Rogue leader of the Casyrole clan, father of the golden hair Casyrole.
Queen of the Demmhurroll, with one of her warriors.
The Pendant
Pendant of the Casyrole King, fashioned from soft stone by the English Explorer, John White.
Last King of the Casyrole.
The Great Black Stallion.
Mother of the Golden Hair Casyrole.
Kyle David
In hunting attire.
The witch.
Holding the Lovestone.
The Bear