School Visits
Casyrole, Ten Legendary Tales teaches our children important virtues and valuable lessons in life, in a format conducive to formal learning. While the book encourages reading – a skill virtually forgotten in this generation of computer games, graphics, and video - it is entertaining enough and action-packed to keep up with their limited attention spans. It is difficult, if not impossible, nowadays, to find a venue for children to learn good values, while relating to their own personal experiences of hate, friendship, and kinship with one another. This book attempts to bridge that gap, and hopefully, fill it.
The author, Tahir Mella, can visit your school. Please contact him at via email (click here to send an email) to arrange a visit.

On April 7, 2003 the author, Tahir Mella, had a book signing at The Birches School, Washington Township, New Jersey, where four hundred students attended and enjoyed. The author also drew pictures and painted them impromptu. The author solicited ideas for his next Casyrole books, to give young future authors the opportunity to contribute to the future of the Casyrole series and be given proper credit by having their names acknowledged.